The memorial ride

During the days of April 15-18, 2004 over 30 cyclists in the 2004 Cycle Zydeco will bike in memory of Liddy Shriver, who died on January 15th after a 21-month battle with a rare cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Each cyclist will wear a special Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative arm band to help raise the public awareness of this terrible disease.

Why a bike ride?

As you probably remember, Liddy was an avid cyclist and biking was an integral part of the way she dealt with her cancer. As her disease became increasingly serious, she decided to do some of the things that she had always wanted to do. On the list was going on some multi-day bike tours. In April 2003, she and several members of our family and some friends rode in the 200-mile, 4-day Cycle Zydeco bike tour as “Team Sarcoma” and raised over $18,000 for sarcoma research. Later in June 2003, her dad organized a bike tour in Denmark. Thirty people rode as Team Sarcoma in the 2003 Shriver Family Bike Tour for Sarcoma Research and they netted over $75,000 for sarcoma research. Many people who couldn’t make it to Denmark but wanted to support their goals organized Virtual Bike Tours. They biked the same days that Team Sarcoma rode in Denmark. People all over the world participated as Virtual Bike Tour riders including such far away places as Japan, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine and over 16 states in the United States. Many of these teams were featured in newspaper stories and covered by local media. We need such coverage again to continue to increase public awareness about sarcoma.

Join some of the 2004 Cycle Zydeco Cyclists in a Memorial Bike Ride (April 15th—18th). Bike wherever you happen to be. 

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