This WWW-site has been created by the Group of “Logic in Informatics”. This is a research group based in the Faculty of Cybernetics of National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv.

Group Organization Committee

About other Group Members You can learn here.


The aim of the Group is to conduct research in those areas of logic, which find their applications in Informatics (Computer Science).
Particular interests include:

  • Methodological foundations of mathematical logic, computability theory and theory of programming
  • Abstractness, compositionality and nominativity in logic and programming
  • Automated theorem proving in the Evidence Algorithm (EA) Program
  • Integration of symbolic (analytical) computation and mechanized reasoning
  • Partial logics
  • Modal and temporal logics
  • Semantics of logical and specification languages
  • Formal methods of program development

The members of the Group provide courses in mathematical logic, theory of algorithms, theoretical foundations of programming, theory of programming, applied logics. About teaching activity You can read here.

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